Company Name:

Detroit Transportation Corp


Detroit, Michigan

Approximate Salary:

Not Specified

Job Category:

Construction Safety

Required Experience:

Less than 2 years

Required Education:



December 7, 2018

System Safety Manager


TITLE: System Safety Manager

RESPONSIBLE TO: General Manager

FLSA: Salaried Exempt – Non Union

POSITION OUTLINE: Under general direction, to have responsible charge of administrating DTC occupational health and safety and environmental programs, and related training programs to insure the safe and efficient operation of the Detroit People Mover System in compliance with regulatory agencies for federal, state, and city requirements.

The main focus of this position will be the coordination, administration and promotion of safety activities of rail operations, its employees and patrons, reducing employee and patron injuries and train accidents, and maintaining compliance with all state and federal regulations.  Collects, organizes, records and verifies accuracy of data and information from project sources as assigned.

Research activities may require travel to field locations encompassing construction activities to assess and validate information.  Prepares and assists with the preparation of Incident Reports for the Executive Staff including determinations of failure and recommendations for prevention of reoccurrence.  Establishes and maintains procedures for configuration control of safety critical documents. Supports all departments within DTC by providing training, and distributing information on all matters related to jobsite safety.  This is a management position that will also oversee the people mover safety implementation.


In compliance with Federal and State industrial and occupational health and safety standards and rail safety oversight requirements, to coordinate the development and oversee implementation of FTA 49CFR-673workplace health & safety and environmental programs by performing such activities as:

  • Recommends updates of DTC’s operations, maintenance and safety policies and procedures in order to maintain safe DPM operating and working conditions, eliminate hazards and to provide for changes in safety regulations and standards.

  • Conducts safety audits and inspections of DPM facilities and equipment and recommends procedures to correct violations or enhance safety.

  • Establishes, coordinates and conducts safety/training programs to prevent or reduce occupational and passenger injuries and to prevent damage to DTC’s facilities and equipment.

  • Reviews plans and specifications for facilities modification, equipment purchases, and contractor work practices to insure compliance with prevailing safety standards and safe operations and maintenance requirements.  

  • Serves as Chair of the Management Safety and Security Committee Meeting and Employee Safety Committee and acts as DTC’s Liaison with safety/training regulatory and oversight agencies.

  • Responsible for updating and implementation of the DTC System Safety Program Plan and assuring compliance with all applicable regulations and guidelines.

  • Maintains records of employee participation in health, safety and related training programs.


(Duties listed are not intended to be all inclusive nor to limit duties that might reasonably be assigned.)

  • Manages and evaluates the industrial safety and operational safety for DTC’s Rail Department and develops effective safety performance standards for rail transportation.

  • Conducts comprehensive unacceptable hazardous conditions and accident/incident investigations and Rail Accident Investigation sub-committees.

  • Serves as the investigation liaison between DTC and the Federal Transit Administration and the State Safety Oversight.  Briefs the Management Safety and Security Committee on major investigations and studies of and studies of major significance.

  • Manages the development, implementation, administration, and review of the effectiveness of the industrial safety, industrial hygiene, construction safety, and environmental safety aspects of the DTC’s System Safety Program Plan (SSPP).

  • Provides analysis of key safety issues and policy decisions.  Participates on high level internal and external committees and special committees involving system safety.

  • Directs oversight of Rail compliance with the standard and regulations of the following agencies; U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administrations (FTA); and agencies of the State of Michigan and local jurisdictions.  

  • Provides management direction for major hazard assessment, safety policy development, comprehensive accident investigations, compliance audits, and comprehensive industrial and safety inspections.  Exercises authority to suspend unsafe operations as necessary.

  • Perform comprehensive safety hazard analyses and review hazard analyses performed by DTC contractors for accuracy and adherence to industry standards.  

  • Determine the adequacy of maintenance safety practices and procedures to assure desired levels of system safety and recommend policy changes as necessary.

  • Coordinates and provides input that the agency-wide document control and configuration system meets the required documentation needs to support the final safety certification process as prescribed by federal and state regulations; maintains manual and/or automated document control filing systems and records.

  • Assist with the development of a comprehensive safety and security programs for future expansion.

  • Conduct safety audits of Operations for hazards associated with both maintenance and operations employees.

  • Develops, analyzes, and manages safety performance data.

  • Prepares safety performance reports, monthly submission to Security, General Manager and the State Safety Oversight.

  • Coordinates with Operational departments to establish annual objectives for safety performance indicators.

  • Attend meetings with other departments within DTC to ensure organizational cohesiveness.

  • Interpret, execute and recommend changes to established safety policies and procedures.

  • Coordinate emergency preparedness standards for the DTC System.

  • Interface with other public agencies, associations and groups, assuring DTC safety standards are reflective of the latest industry trends, regulations, and technologies.

  • Participate in the Internal Safety Audit Process to comply with State Safety Oversight and FTA requirements.

  • The assurance of Operations compliance with safety requirements and regulations including MIOSHA, OSHA, FTA, FRA, ADA, and the State Safety Oversight.

  • Responsible for maintaining a general awareness of DTC’s EMS.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Coordinates DTC accident investigations and environmental clean-up efforts.

  • Prepares a variety of reports, investigations and evaluations related to the safety of DTC facilities and equipment and employee occupational health safety.

  • Responsible for incorporating safety into all aspects of job functions.

  • Oversee construction activities surrounding the Detroit People Mover systems.

  • Conduct and provide contractor safety training for all contractors that perform work for DTC.

  • Review all Miss Digs site specific tickets.

  • Be able to perform trend analysis for accidents and incidents in and around the People Mover System.

  • Be able to conduct preliminary hazard analyses on DTC construction sites.

  • Conduct job safety analysis.

  • Oversee FTA and MDOT safety and security process.

  • In charge of DTC internal audit process.

  • Oversee the work authorization process.


Extensive knowledge of OSHA/MIOSHA regulations and other Federal and State regulations related to industrial hygiene and occupational safety for a rail transit system.  Ability to present instructional programs on occupational health and safety. Skill in conducting accident investigations and in analyzing complex technical problems related to occupational health and safety.  Excellent oral and written communication skills. Good organizational and interpersonal skills. Preferably some knowledge of electro/mechanical maintenance theory and practices and operating procedures.


  • Individual must have completed all required FTA TSI courses.

  • Individual must possess extensive knowledge in Emergency Management as well as possess required NIMS, ICS and other FEMA courses.

  • Individual must have a strong working knowledge, or ability to quickly gain knowledge, of transit agency capital projects safety programs and the FTA requirements for safety certification of fixed guideway transit systems; should also possess general knowledge of OSHA regulations as related to general and heavy construction with the intent of becoming the senior agency expert on the subject; must maintain general knowledge and application of safety policies and procedures as they relate to the operational and structural needs of the entire DTC organization.

  • Comprehensive understanding of current federal regulations mandating State Safety Oversight and as future legislation becomes available that is applicable to the SSO Program.

  • Ability to interpret and apply federal, state and local laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

  • General knowledge of rail transit engineering practices and design of automatic guideway system.

  • Familiarity with national rail safety initiatives and programs.

  • Must have extensive knowledge on federal and state legislation regarding safety.

  • Must be familiar with NFPA 130 and its application to light rail systems.

  • Must demonstrate high levels of patience, diplomacy, tact and courtesy in achieving good interpersonal relations and effective coordination with all categories of staff and conscientiously work to resolve conflicts and develop “work-around” strategies to keep the overall project on schedule with regard to safety certification and safety issues.

  • Must develop and maintain an understanding of DTC’s organizational functions, policies, and procedures and integrate as required into the rail safety certification process.

  • Must be able to formulate, develop, implement, and administer policies and procedures related to safety policy.

  • Ability to train others in safe practices and work rules, either individually or as a classroom instructor.

  • The incumbent must be able to read, write and fluently speak the English language.

  • Skilled in written and spoken communication of administrative and technical data with strong grammar/spelling knowledge sufficient to screen own work as well as that of others; Good telephone skills and presence.

  • Ability to independently research technical documents, interpret and organize data and information as required;

  • Ability to facilitate meetings and obtain consensus.

  • Demonstrated satisfactory written and oral communication skills in prior positions with fluent command of English to effectively compose and edit technical documents.  



Specialized training in safety administration or construction safety inspection;

Company Name:

Detroit Transportation Corp


Detroit, Michigan

Approximate Salary:

Not Specified

Job Category:

Construction Safety

Required Experience:

Less than 2 years

Required Education:



December 7, 2018

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